To apply for a place on the Ski Guide Pathway, you must present for consideration to the NZMGA Training Officer a logbook covering a minimum of three seasons winter backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering, of which at least 2 seasons must be in New Zealand. This is to set a solid base of personal ski touring and mountaineering skills, knowledge and experience from which to launch a guides training pathway.


 The Logbook should exceed the following minimum international standard:

Backcountry Skiing

Minimum of 30 quality backcountry ski touring days:

  • Each day having at least 1000m ascent;
  • At least 15 days of which must have been on glaciated terrain;
  • At least 10 days of which to include ski mountaineering* objectives of Aoraki Mount Cook seriousness grade of II or above.
  • Four of these ski mountaineering* objectives must be of ascents of Aoraki Mount Cook seriousness grade III or above. Some 'summer' ascents of grade III routes may be considered if in addition to the 30 quality backcountry skiing days.

Examples of backcountry skiing objectives:

  • Symphony on Skis;
  • Fritz range traverse;
  • Craigieburn range traverse;
  • Remarkables range traverse.

Examples of ski mountaineering objectives:

  • Lendenfield (III, 2);
  • Minarets (III, 2+);
  • Hamilton (III, 2);
  • Aspiring (III, 2).

*Mountaineering and ski mountaineering log to demonstrate competency in the use of crampons, rope and ice axe.


Other Experience

Ski patrol avalanche control work as part of a well structured snow safety programme can be counted for up to 10 days worth of the minimum 30 quality ski touring/ski mountaineering days required.