Mt. Aspiring (Photo: Gavin Lang) 1

Mt. Aspiring (Photo: Gavin Lang)


Climbing guides are trained and experienced professional mountaineers. Climbing a mountain with a professional climbing guide gives you a greater level of safety and improves your chances of success.

Climbing guides skills include risk assessment and management, rock climbing, ice climbing, weather interpretation, navigation, rescue, and first aid.

The storms that roar across the Southern Ocean bless New Zealand’s Southern Alps with its great icy peaks and glaciation. The mountains are brand new on a geological time scale as they thrust up to meet the storms. Their natural beauty is enhanced by their relatively remote and undeveloped natural.

The weather windows are small. This makes mountaineering in a significant challenge. This is why a mountaineering apprenticeship here takes multiple seasons to safely meet the challenge of climbing the great peaks on the Main Divide.

Your NZMGA climbing guide brings that experience and a qualification that has been tested in the same mountain crucible you are now looking to enter.